I hate new computers….or ‘I think my son is a mutant’

New computers are shiny and pretty and can do lots of cool things. And the old computer may have been slow as hell but, dammit, at least you knew what in the hell you were doing on it. I knew its quirks, I knew what it could and couldn’t do and I knew where stuff was even if not all of it worked properly. But with this new computer I feel like the Kobayashi Maru would be an easier undertaking than some of the stuff I have been trying to do. The latest, most painful and most problematic at the moment stems from the reason I have the new computer in the first place. During the great Ice Storm of 2011 there was a power surge that gave our poor old computer a stroke. All of the writing I have done over the past two years was on there and, stupidly, nowhere else. A friend salvaged them off of the hard drive but they were Works documents not Word so I spent a good portion of my day trying to get them to open. I feel like I spent my day on a wild freakin’ goose chase. I still haven’t gotten them open and I am now not sure I ever will.

But on a lighter more paranoid note, I think my son may be a mutant. His Bat-computer, which is a kids laptop with learning games on it not the actual Bat-computer, no, I am not Batman and my son’s name is not Damian, went all weird and froze up and had to be reset and then his Bugsby reading system did something similar. I may be raising Dr. Doom…..

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