They’re Gonna Put Me In The Movies…

Ok, so this past Saturday me and my best friend went and had ourselves a little adventure, we went to our first ever movie audition. After leaving a little later than we had originally planned and then not being able to find the place it was being held at, we almost couldn’t make ourselves walk through the door. Thankfully, we happened to find our spines at the last-minute though, honestly how I got from the hallway area and into the room where the auditions were going on is still a mystery to me. I remember looking over at *Ethel  and then the next thing I remember is being in the room. It was loads of fun and turned out much different from the way I had pictured it going. I had pictured the both of us being laughed out of the room but, surprisingly, they liked both of us and neither one of us was completely horrible….or at least I don’t think we were. But then my opinion of the both of us is completely biased, I think we are both completely freaking awesome. I do have to admit that I will be let down if I don’t get a part because I have dreamed of being an actress since I was a little girl and the only reason I didn’t pursue that dream was because until recently I was too shy to try for such things. While I will be let down if I don’t get the part and if we get nothing else out of it at least we can say we attempted something grand which is more than what a lot of people around us can say. The experience has made me even more interested in acting, however, and I think I would like to give it more of a go though in this area I see that being hard as hell to do…


*Names were changed to protect the innocent….or maybe not so innocent but paranoid as hell.

The movie, by the way, is called ‘Midsummer Nightmares’. It is an indie horror flick and if you happen to be interested in donating to such causes you can do so at the website for the movie .

3 Responses to “They’re Gonna Put Me In The Movies…”
  1. patty says:

    this is only the begining……tomorrow the world! Lol

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