Georges St-Pierre and….what?! Seriously?

So The April issues of Men’s and Women’s Health are out. This is the April 2011 Cover for Men’s Health…











When I saw this I excitedly checked to see who was on the cover of Women’s Health thinking that if Men’s Health had Georges St-Pierre then Women’s Health must have someone equally as awesome on their cover. I picked up the new issue and found…






…Emma Roberts? What? Are you freaking kidding me?! My husband gets Georges St. Pierre and I get Julia Roberts niece? Did I accidentally pick Seventeen? Sadly, the answer to that question was, no. This was just pathetic but I have seen the cover model for past issues and thought, “What the hell?” but then after reading about this model or that actress I had a new-found respect for that person and understood why they were in such a magazine, so, I gave this issue the benefit of the doubt. After reading the whole one page they had on this fresh-outta-high-school girl I was not a happy person. It was completely obvious that the only reason they put this girl into the magazine was because she is Julia Roberts niece. She eats specialty foods because she’s rich, takes Pilates classes….sometimes, takes pole dancing classes because she wanted to ‘hang’ with friends and her acting career was handed to her because, once again, she’s Julia Roberts niece. I understand they need to sell issues but every now and again having a female athlete on the cover would not kill them. I honestly can not remember the last time they had a female athlete on the cover. Yes, they put a lot of actors and such on the cover of Men’s Health but they still manage to throw in an athlete here and there. There happen to be female MMA fighters out there who don’t get the coverage they should and now that the UFC has bought out Strikeforce which may put the women’s division in serious jeopardy, they could really use that coverage and publicity. Female athletes in general don’t get the coverage they should and as a women’s health magazine they should be doing something to try to correct this. And female athletes shouldn’t have to do this just to get a freaking cover…

2 Responses to “Georges St-Pierre and….what?! Seriously?”
  1. ethel says:

    lucy ..good stuff!

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