‘You’ve no manner of luck at all…’

You know that scene at the beginning of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie where Jack is stuck in the jail cell and an artillery round or something knocks out part of the wall of the cell right next to his, that’s how I feel, like I’ve got no manner of luck at all. How is it that a seeming reliable car can be put into mine and my husbands hands and some how, without even trying, we can make that car not work? If this is a super power, it sucks. i would rather be Plastic man…or even Aquaman than have these powers. And it is getting increasingly difficult to stay positive when there is a constant and seemingly endless stream of crap flying your way. I was already starting to feel kind of down and really wishing for one little positive thing to happen but instead the Jeep yells ‘Screw you!’ and then refuses to do anything else. So we charged Frankenstein and my husband drove that to work but there is no knowing just how long it is going to continue to hold up. I could really use something to celebrate and I would really appreciate it if the universe would stop with the poo flinging.

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