Green Lantern vs. The Critics

From the first whisperings that they were making a Green Lantern movie I was skeptical. Then they released that first picture of the suit and I really had my doubts. And then came that horrible first trailer for the movie and I thought “Yeah, this is going to end up in Wal-Mart’s $5 bin”.  But then something happened, I actually watched the movie today. I’m not sure what Green Lantern movie the critics watched but I know it wasn’t the same one that I watched today. I was expecting a mediocre movie at best but what I got was extremely well done. It was awesome and I highly recommend it. I think, like me, everyone expected it to be bad and when it wasn’t, everyone got pissed off that they didn’t have something to bitch about so they just started nitpicking. I’ve heard some people say that Hal’s constructs are silly but that’s just who Hal is. He is not Batman. He is not super pissed off.

And then there was the acting. I liked Mark Strong before this movie but he is now one of my favorite actors. I thought he was a good choice for Sinestro when I first heard but even I wasn’t expecting the level of awesomeness that he gave us. I very very unexpectedly ended up getting attached to his character. Next was Blake Lively, ugh! Right? That was my reaction to that bit of casting news. And yet I now have no problem with her. I have even come to terms with her Pustulio(A.K.A. her mole).  And, last but not least, there is Ryan Reynolds. The guy is golden. He is also freaking hilarious. I was really worried about his ability to deliver…well, anything that didn’t have a punch line attached to it. But fear not friends, he shoots(possible using a giant slingshot) and scores!! And yet, some how, the crowd isn’t going wild….I don’t get it.

So anyways, if you plan on seeing a movie anytime soon, this is the one to see. We even took our 4-year-old and he sat through the entire movie without any problems which is a first. He got so caught up in the movie he even forgot about the bag of M&Ms he had been munching on. There is just the right amount of action that it keeps the younger ones from growing bored. This is something that Batman and Ironman, both awesome movies though, have failed at. It is a PG-13 movie but only because Parallax is a bit on the scary side and just for the fun of it, Kilowog says ‘bitch’ once.

The movie is awesome. The acting was great. The message behind the story was great. And they managed to pull it all off without a hair out-of-place. Who has two thumbs that are sticking way, way up? This girl.

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