Knitting the night away

So a couple of weeks ago I’m in Kmart and I see this throw I absolutely love(in case some nice person wants to buy it for me it’s the Essential Home Shaggy Throw in Wine color). I stood in the store for a while trying to decide if I should buy it when the thought occurred to me that I ought to just knit my own. I taught myself to knit ages ago and I should make use of that ability. So I put the throw down and left the store. I began searching for the things I would need to knit my own throw.  I found a set of 9 various size 60 ” knitting needles on Amazon at a reasonable price. I saved those to my wish list then began my search for just the right yarn which is the part that has given me the most problems. I checked my local Hobby Lobby which usually has a plethora of yarn that I like but this time there were only a few that I liked but none of them were right for the project. I searched online and in a few other stores but I just could not find quite what I wanted. Then, at some point during my quest for just the right yarn, I had another thought. While I did teach myself to knit I never actually knitted anything and I never accumulated very many knitting supplies. I have maybe 7 skeins of various colors of yarn and one set of straight US size 7 knitting needles. Since I could not at the moment find just the right yarn and I had no proof that I could actually finish or accomplish a knitting project, especially one of that magnitude, then perhaps it would be more prudent to knit something with what I already had available to me. I decided that I would take the only two skeins I have of this lovely yarn that is no longer available and knit myself a scarf. I’m not following a pattern and I’m not certain that I have enough to make the scarf a good length so if I don’t I have decided that I will use it on my table to put a certain piece on during Fall and Halloween. The yarn is Yarn Bee Italia and the color is Tuscany #005, If anyone out there happens to know where I could find more of this please let me know because I am so in love with this yarn. So anyways, I decided to share my first knitting experience. I started out with about 23 stitches, I believe it was, but after so long I began to notice that I had some picked up extra stitches. I’m still not sure how I did that but it happened. I decide that it was now wider than what I had wanted so I as I stitched a few more rows I thought ‘you know, if you can add stitches I bet you can take them away too’. I decided that I would attempt to do this in the way that made sense to me. It did work though I have no idea if it was what I was supposed to do but it got the job done though now I have lumpy section in my scarf 😛 But before I began this adventure I had started knitting something else ages ago and whatever it was was still on my needles.
I thought it was another scarf but if it was it was ridiculously huge. As you can see it was nearly as wide as my bed. I can only assume that in my post-pregnancy craziness I was attempting to knit a baby blanket with the only needles I had. And the yarn is horrible, I don’t know what I was thinking. And now that I have begun knitting with a different yarn I can see how truly difficult this yarn is to work with especially for a beginner. It’s very thin and fuzzy and was really a nightmare to work with not to mention that I don’t care for the color at all now. Honestly, no idea what I was thinking. But it has all been a learning experience and if I can finish this scarf then I will concentrate more on that throw I want to make.

3 Responses to “Knitting the night away”
  1. Anne Lessing says:

    Don’t worry, we all have early projects we regret. I know I do, lol.

    That scarf looks really beautiful, and I’m so jealous. Don’t worry too much about the unevenness. You can undo those rows if you want, but I’m sure once you wear it, everyone will be so distracted by the gorgeous color they won’t notice.

    • ASRichardson says:

      Thanks! I was a little annoyed with the unevenness at first but then I decided that a few blemishes would give it more character. And it is a damn pretty yarn. I’ve had it for years and always wanted to do something with it other than hoard it away. I seriously regret not buying more but it has all been a learning experience and now I know that if I come across awesome yarn then I need to buy loads of it.

      • Anne Lessing says:

        Yes, definitely. It’s advantageous to buy a little more yarn then you think you need, because you never know. Also, you should try to buy yarn from the same dye lot for a big project. I learned these the hard way, lol.

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