Nerf Gun Assassins

So yesterday was not my best day. We had been working on getting our son’s new bed put together for him as a surprise while he was at his grandparents. Everything had been going pretty good. We were getting stuff moved and picked up and me and my husband were making a point to enjoy our day and not fight with each other as our strong Irish and German backgrounds usually caused us to do. I had just carried part of his old bed to the garage, stepped out the door to go in and get the last piece when I stepped on something. This something rolled under my foot causing my left foot to fold completely sideways underneath me which then caused me to fall forward off the concrete step and my knees to slam into the concrete patio area between the garage and the house. Thankfully because I fell slightly sideways my head landed on my left arm rather slamming into the concrete like my knees had. I’ve never had a scary fall before until know. Once I landed My immediate thought was ‘oh my goodness, I’ve just broken my ankle’. I immediately yelled for my husband. With his help I made it into the house and I now believe it is only a bad sprain. It definitely put a cramp into our day. Now for the funny part of all this. We have become avid Nerf gunners and while cleaning and getting things ready to set up the new bed I found loads of Nerf Gun bullets which I stuffed into the pouch on my hoodie. When I fell my glasses flew off my face and everything in my pockets went flying. So the first thing my husband sees when he comes rushing out to my rescue is his wife laying motionless on the concrete surrounded my Nerf Gun bullets. I wish I had a picture of this scene but apparently my husband thought it in bad taste to tell me to hold on while he grabbed the camera. I’m now thinking of adopting the nickname ‘Bullet-Tooth Bunny’.


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