And my mind goes wild….

So first I read this article which is a story about Malia Obama possibly spending her spring break in Oaxaca Mexico but nobody knows for sure because the stories are disappearing all over the world wide interweb. And then I read this which is an article about a 7.6 earthquake that just happened in Mexico and can you guess where it says the quake was felt very strongly at? Oaxaca. That’s right! Now, just to be clear, I’m not boat loads full of crazy….it’s more like maybe one boat and a raft full of crazy but anyways, my point being I know that it is probably just coincidence but what if it’s not? We’ve had a hell of a lotta earthquakes that have suddenly started happening in the past few years. And not just any earthquakes but strong earthquakes in odd places. I’m not going to say any of my theories about this because I may use them in my stories and I don’t want somebody out there reading this and stealing my crazy for their own personal gain but I will ask, is it coincidence? or something more? Next time on Mysterious Mysteries of Strange Mystery……


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