Avengers in 3D….do I really need to say anything else?

So yesterday me, my husband and my 5 year-old went to see Avengers in 3D. It was me and my husbands first 3D movie since Alice In Wonderland which completely turned us off of 3D but it is a lot different when you see 3D done right. I’m still not  huge fan of 3D but for something like Avengers it’s fun. However, I do not think they need to cram 3D done our throats by doing a 3D version of every single movie and the old movies getting redone with 3D is just ridiculous. I can see it now…”(big announcer guy voice) Coming Christmas 2012 ‘It’s a wonderful life….in 3D’…” because we really need to see this (A Christmas Story maybe, picture the scary department story Santa when he pushes the boy down the slide in 3D) or how about “(big announcer guy voice) Coming Summer 2013…Experience the adventures of Scarlet O’Hara as never before in ‘Gone With The Wind…..in3D’….” I’m getting completely off track here anyways. 3D was cooler this time around and  it was Trent’s (our 5 year-old) first 3D experience and he loved it. I was really concerned because of the 3D and length of the movie but he was great. Actually he was one of the best behaved people in the theater and the theater was packed. Why is it so hard to turn your phone of for a movie? I do not believe that you are so important that you need to text in the middle of the movie but some idjit in front of me was texting at least twice during the movie. Then there was the family behind us, three kids and the parents. First they kept talking. Second apparently only half the family knew what was going on so during the beginning of the movie the dad is sitting there explaining who everybody is. Loki shows up the first time and I hear the dad behind us go ‘ok, that’s Loki and he is a bad guy’ really? But it gets better, apparently the two girls of the family decided that they just couldn’t go to the movies without taking blankets with them to cover up with, in the middle of the movie the family decided to play musical chairs with each other and one of the girls filthy blankets gets tossed over my head! Seriously, WTF?!! For this to really have effect what you have to know about me is that I am basically Hugo Weaving (no, I am not an old dude, you smart-ass). To put it simply, we don’t like people. Seriously every movie I have ever seen that guy in he is playing a character that does not care much for the human race. So anyways, yet again off track, some strangers blanket is on my hair, eww gross. They settle down, kind of. But at the end of the movie, they are packing up(seriously that’s what it was like) and the freaking kid does it again. OMG!!! There may not be enough soap in the world for me to ever feel clean again. No offense to those who read this that I know because if I know you then I probably don’t feel this way about you. It’s the people I don’t know…..So there was all that but then there was the movie and the movie was ridiculously good. There are really now words in Elvish, Entish or the tongues of men to describe the level of awesome that Marvel of all places was able to pull off. Somebody somewhere had to have made a deal with a cross-roads demon in order to achieve what they have achieved. It’s actually kind of disgusting how well they have managed to pull this off. And its not even the end because while you had things in the previous movies leading up to The Avengers you had things in The Avengers that will obviously flow into the other individual movies that will come after this.  I kinda feel like Cas in ‘Reading is Fundamental’, I feel like I just followed a honeybee and saw the route of flowers. I feel dirty just saying this but it kinda made me wanna check out some Marvel comics. I’m a faithful Ollie fan but if DC doesn’t get it’s act together then I may pick up a Hawkeye comic. So, just to recap what we have learned, The Avengers movie is awesome and people suck. And for those who haven’t seen it yet but plan to, do not leave before the end of the credits!!!!


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