Green Lantern vs. The Critics

From the first whisperings that they were making a Green Lantern movie I was skeptical. Then they released that first picture of the suit and I really had my doubts. And then came that horrible first trailer for the movie and I thought “Yeah, this is going to end up in Wal-Mart’s $5 bin”.  But … Continue reading

‘You’ve no manner of luck at all…’

You know that scene at the beginning of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie where Jack is stuck in the jail cell and an artillery round or something knocks out part of the wall of the cell right next to his, that’s how I feel, like I’ve got no manner of luck at all. … Continue reading

Georges St-Pierre and….what?! Seriously?

So The April issues of Men’s and Women’s Health are out. This is the April 2011 Cover for Men’s Health…                     When I saw this I excitedly checked to see who was on the cover of Women’s Health thinking that if Men’s Health had Georges St-Pierre … Continue reading

They’re Gonna Put Me In The Movies…

Ok, so this past Saturday me and my best friend went and had ourselves a little adventure, we went to our first ever movie audition. After leaving a little later than we had originally planned and then not being able to find the place it was being held at, we almost couldn’t make ourselves walk … Continue reading

I hate new computers….or ‘I think my son is a mutant’

New computers are shiny and pretty and can do lots of cool things. And the old computer may have been slow as hell but, dammit, at least you knew what in the hell you were doing on it. I knew its quirks, I knew what it could and couldn’t do and I knew where stuff … Continue reading

Welcome to the World of Bunny!

…Or WOB for short, kinda like WOW but with a lot more silly and less nerd. I’ve never blogged before so it’s an all new experience for me. It says I should focus on something for my blog but I don’t know how well that will go.  My main reason for starting a blog was … Continue reading