The people in my head….

So I just got through writing a scene which consisted of a few pages to get through and I’m writing the last panel when it occurs to me that my character may actually do something completely different from what I am having him do in his situation. Now I don’t know what to do. Should … Continue reading

I’m gonna sing the Doom Song now….

  DOOM DOOMdoom doomdoom DOOOOOMMMM…….So they just happen to find this in 2012? Really? That doesn’t seem fishy?  “The ancient Maya predicted the world would continue, that 7,000 years from now, things would be exactly like this,” and are they actually trying to tell us that in 7,000 years everything is going to be exactly … Continue reading

Avengers in 3D….do I really need to say anything else?

So yesterday me, my husband and my 5 year-old went to see Avengers in 3D. It was me and my husbands first 3D movie since Alice In Wonderland which completely turned us off of 3D but it is a lot different when you see 3D done right. I’m still not  huge fan of 3D but … Continue reading

And my mind goes wild….

So first I read this article which is a story about Malia Obama possibly spending her spring break in Oaxaca Mexico but nobody knows for sure because the stories are disappearing all over the world wide interweb. And then I read this which is an article about a 7.6 earthquake that just happened … Continue reading

Nerf Gun Assassins

So yesterday was not my best day. We had been working on getting our son’s new bed put together for him as a surprise while he was at his grandparents. Everything had been going pretty good. We were getting stuff moved and picked up and me and my husband were making a point to enjoy … Continue reading

Knitting the night away

So a couple of weeks ago I’m in Kmart and I see this throw I absolutely love(in case some nice person wants to buy it for me it’s the Essential Home Shaggy Throw in Wine color). I stood in the store for a while trying to decide if I should buy it when the thought … Continue reading

Under Construction

Working on redoing this blog. It’s my first and only one and it has become a bit neglected over the past several months. I’m working on dusting all the cobwebs off. Just decided on a new theme for it but it’s late so for now we will just leave it as is….do you think I’m … Continue reading

Green Lantern vs. The Critics

From the first whisperings that they were making a Green Lantern movie I was skeptical. Then they released that first picture of the suit and I really had my doubts. And then came that horrible first trailer for the movie and I thought “Yeah, this is going to end up in Wal-Mart’s $5 bin”.  But … Continue reading

Welcome to the World of Bunny!

…Or WOB for short, kinda like WOW but with a lot more silly and less nerd. I’ve never blogged before so it’s an all new experience for me. It says I should focus on something for my blog but I don’t know how well that will go.  My main reason for starting a blog was … Continue reading